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Daily Update: Thursday, October 3rd, 2019

  • We fulfilled 14 orders for 11 churches and 3 community groups.
  • Through church groups, we serviced 320 families with 1021 people and 61 babies. Many more families were serviced in the field and through other groups as noted below.
  • Churches serviced were; Eagles Nest, Greater Faith from Within, First Apostolistic, King’s Addition. Shekinah Christian, Solid Rock Church, First Holiness, The Just Shall Live, New Mt. Olive, Emanuel Baptist and Living Water.
  • Communities serviced through ministries; Freeport, Hunters, Eight Mile Rock, Pioneer Loop, High Rock and just over the bridge.
  • The GBPA volunteer groups delivered goods into the communities of Regency, North Bahamia, Arden Forest and Hudson Estates to over 100 families combined.
  • One GBPA volunteer group delivered 50 boxes of essential food, hygiene, coconut water and bleach to Arden Forest Residents.
  • Another GBPA group delivered food and hygiene products to the Regency area and other areas of North Bahamia
  • Coral Vita volunteers delivered 2 generators, food and water to  10 families with 35 elderly people, 12 children and 8 babies in Hudson Estates.
  • Grand Lucayan picked up cleaning Supplies for 5 of their employee families.
  • Walter Parker School picked up goods for 55 families.
  • The Just Shall Live Ministry assisted with delivering 20 cases of coconut water to residents in Pioneer Loop.
  • King’s Addition Church assisted with delivering a pallet of medical supplies to the Rand Hospital.
  • 6 air beds were given out to Eagles Nest Disciple Center (2) Freeport, Living Water Assembly (2) over the bridge and Shaun Graham (2) for Hudson Estates.
  • Roughly 200 cases of coconut water were distributed and 150 cases of regular water.