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Daily Update: February 10, 2020

  • Maurice Moore Primary school picked up 25 back packs, garbage bags, 1 box of art supplies, crayons, coloring books, construction paper, and reading books.
  • GBDRF delivered 2 large bags of new crayons, coloring books, construction paper, sticker books, and card games to Hugh Campbell Primary.
  • Sister Mary Patricia Jr. High picked up back packs, a pair of crutches for an injured student, a first aid kit, cleaning supplies, notebooks, folders, and various other art supplies.
  • A community member picked up rice, canned goods, pasta, and other non perishable food items for 2 families in Arden Forest.
  • Social Services picked up 13 cases of diapers, 6 boxes of Depends, wipes, bed liners, 8 strollers, 2 cases of baby food, 1 large box of baby bottles, a  high chair, 20 reusable water jugs, 2 bags of hygiene items, and 2 play pens.