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Daily Update: February 6th & 7th 2020

  • Social Services received diapers, feminine pads, baby food, clothing, 3 strollers, and a potty trainer
  • New Canaan Baptist received 3 doxes of Depends.
  • The King is Coming Ministry in Hepburn Town received diapers, beans, and 10 boxes of used clothing for distribution in their community.
  • Ministry of Education received 45 reusable water jugs, 144 portable timers for their culinary and cosmetology departments, and a  tool kit and extension cord for their main office.
  • Joe from Coral Vita picked up clothing, food, umbrellas, wipes, hygiene, tents, tissue, and toys for 6 families in East End.
  • King’s Addition in Eight Mile Rock received diapers, wipes, umbrellas, beans, and Depends.