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Daily Update: Friday, January 24, 2020

  • We serviced the congregations of Ebenezer Baptist and House of Hope with food and hygiene items for 23 families and 80 people
  • We gave Central Church of God 50 bags of toiletries for their upcoming door to door distribution in the High Rock area.
  • Good Shepherd church in Pinder’s Point picked up various items for their community give away this weekend. Items included; 120 umbrellas, 120 bottles of shampoo, 16 cases of wipes, 15 3-gallon water/gasoline  refillable water jugs, 10 tarps, 42 cases of black bean MREs, a case of toothbrushes and 7 cases of diapers.
  • Doctors from The Rand Community clinics in West End, East End, Eight Mile Rock and the Geriatric Clinic sorted medical pallets and picked up hundreds of needed items. These items included; bandages, gauze, OTC  medications, gloves, nutritional supplements, wipes, anti-hypertension medications and a C-Pap machine.
  • The Beacon School picked up wipes, feminine hygiene pads, Depends, clothes, diapers and hygiene items
  • The Royal Bahamas Defense Force picked up items for their GB Ranger Youth Programme and other items needed by the RBDF for future Disaster preparedness on GB. Items included were, 10 bicycles, 60 3-gallon refillable water/gasoline jugs, 40 life vests, 298 tarps and 24 cases of wipes.