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Daily Update: Friday, October 11th, 2019

  • We fulfilled 16 orders today for 10 churches and 6 community groups
  • We serviced 262 families with 903 people and over 100 children and infants
  • The churches who picked up orders were; Blessed Hope Seventh Day Adventist, St. John Native Baptist, Sunrise Seventh Day, Emanuel Missionary, New Canaan Zion Baptist, Outreach Ministries, Central Zion Baptist, Mt. Zion Baptist, St. Nicholas and St. Michael’s
  • Communities serviced were; Eight Mile Rock, Hawksbill, Freeport, Hudson Estates, Hunter’s, Sweeting’s Cay, High Rock and East End
  • RBPF picked up 10 cases of water, 1 inflatable bed and 1 tarp
  • Faye Social Services picked up items for 2 families
  • 17 brand new regular mattresses were given to Emanuel Baptist for distribution to families in need in High Rock and East End
  • 142 cases of water were distributed and 150 cases of coconut water