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Daily Update: Friday, October 25, 2019

  • We fulfilled 6 orders for churches and 8 other orders for private groups and volunteer families.
  • Churches serviced were Community at Heart, Lucaya Presbyterian, Dominion Community, The King is Coming, First Pentecostal and Prayer Healing Deliverance.
  • Communities serviced were Freeport, Hunters, Hawksbill, Hudson Estates and Queens Cove.
  • We serviced 309 families and 1343 people.
  • First Pentecostal in Hunters received 5 tarps.
  • Prayer Healing Deliverance in Freeport received 25 tarps.
  • A representative from Sweeting’s Cay picked up food, hygiene and Ensure for 6 families.
  • 1 family from Lady Lakes received food and hygiene items.
  • 9 GBDRF volunteer families received food items and  6 cases of water.
  • The Culmer family picked up 8 pallets of donations they coordinated which included  food,3 car ports, hygiene items, hand and power tools, rakes, shovels and other recovery items to be delivered to families in Hawksbill, Pinder’s Point and other areas in need.
  • A total of 70 cases of water were distributed today.