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Daily Update: Monday, October 28, 2019

  • We fulfilled 6 orders for 3 churches and 3 other groups.
  • We serviced 123 families, 315 people and 13 babies.
  • The churches serviced were Church of God Prophecy, New Destiny Kingdom and Central Zion Baptist.
  • Communities serviced through churches were Eight Mile Rock, and Freeport.
  • IsraAID picked up several large bags of snacks, juice boxes, a  large a case of nutra-grain bars  and 10 first aid kits for the work they are doing related to setting up child friendly play areas in the community.
  • The Port Group picked up 2 orders for Hudson Estates which included 2 tarps, 1 generator, a case of hygiene supplies, 60 sheets of Durock, 20 sheets of Sheetrock, 25 bundles of shingles, 2 buckets of joint compound, screws, tape, and corner beads.
  • We distributed 60 cases of water.