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Daily Update: Thursday, October 17th, 2019


  • We fulfilled 3 orders for churches, and 4 other community orders.
  • Churches serviced were; Bethel Deliverance, High Rock Church of God, and New Mt. Olive.
  • Communities serviced through churches were Freeport, Eight Mile Rock and High Rock.
  • Total families serviced were 95 with 291 people.
  • We provided Church of Christ in Freeport with 5 tarps.
  • We provided snacks, 6 cases of water and juice to Lewis Yard Primary for their students.
  • We fulfilled 2 orders for individuals servicing the area of Hudson Estates.
  • The Port Group delivered 20 generators, 28 blow up beds, 3 tents, 22 cases of water, 4 bunk beds and various other food and hygiene items to East End.
  • We gave out 50 cases of regular water and 45 cases of coconut water.