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Daily Update: Thursday, October 24th, 2019

  • We fulfilled 9 orders for 3 churches and 6 individual groups.
  • Churches serviced were Invaders of Christ, Living Water and Candlestick all in the Freeport area.
  • We serviced 125 families , 423 people and 18 babies.
  • We distributed food and hygiene products to 3 families in Martin Town.
  • 2 generators and 1 air bed were given to a representative from Sweeting’s Cay.
  • Burrows Elderly Home picked up sheets and towels.
  • A volunteer with GBDRF prepared a box of food and hygiene items to be shipped to a family member in Abaco.
  • Private community leaders serviced 5 families in Lady Lakes and the Downtown area.
  • We distributed 50 cases of regular water.