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Daily Update: Wednesday, October 2nd, 2019

  • We fulfilled 7 orders for 5 churches and 2 other groups.
  • Total families serviced were 132; with 367 people, 16 children and 24 babies.
  • Churches serviced were; Eternal Light, House of Hope, Church of God Prophecy, Central Zion, and Sister Mary Magdalene.
  • Communities impacted through the churches were Freeport, West End, and Eight Mile Rock.
  • Communities impacted through other GBDRF groups were East End, Sweeting’s Cay, and Pineridge.
  • The GBPA Group delivered 15 tarps, 36 cases of water, diapers and infant supplies and food for 30 families in the Pineridge community.
  • Sister Mary Magdalene Church in West End picked up 6 tarps, and Mercy Corps picked up 5 tarps.
  • Coral Vita volunteers delivered 2 generators to East End, and picked up 2 more generators, and food and hygiene supplies for 10 families to be delivered to Sweetings Cay tomorrow.
  • Additional generators have been distributed this week as follows; 4 generators were delivered to Hawksbill, and 2 generators were installed in Eight Mile Rock.
  • In addition to the water that the GBPA group delivered, we distributed roughly 60 cases of regular water and 30 cases of coconut water.