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Daily Update: Tuesday, October 1st, 2019

  • We fulfilled 11 orders from 9 churches and 2 community groups.
  • Total families serviced was 545, roughly 1600 people, 152 children, and 48 babies.
  • Churches serviced were; Candlestick, Hawksbill Church of God, St. Peter’s Baptist, Miracle Revival, Voice of Deliverance, Cross Reach Ministries, Faith Temple, Word of Life and, Freeport Seventh Day Adventist.
  • Communities serviced were  West End, Hawksbill, Freeport, Heritage, Back of Town, and many others through Cross Reach’s distribution.
  • GBPA volunteers delivered and inflated 50 mattresses to the Heritage subdivision.
  • We provided the Rotary Group with a pallet of air mattresses which they delivered out East.
  • 4 air mattresses were delivered to homes of elderly people.
  • The Grand Lucayan was given items for 120 of their employees who needed assistance.
  • The GBPA Group delivered a pallet of hygiene wipes to an elderly group, along with a delivery to Heritage Park that included a pallet of regular water, a pallet of coconut water, and various food items.
  • Ministry of Education received 2 air mattresses for teachers in need.
  • In addition to the pallets delivered by The GBPA group, roughly 250 cases of regular water and coconut water combined were distributed.