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Daily Update: Tuesday, October 22, 2019

  • We fulfilled 8 orders today for 4 churches and 4 other groups.
  • Churches serviced were Caravel Zion Baptist, Restoration Evangelistic, Hope Church of Nazarene and New Emmanuel.
  • Communities serviced through ministries were Freeport and Mclean’s Town.
  • Total families serviced was 165 with 615 people and 81 babies.
  • A resident from Arden Forest was given a generator and 2 air beds.
  • Social Services picked up adult hygiene items including 2 cases of Depends.
  • 3 generators and food and supplies for 5 families was picked up for residents in Sweeting’s Cay.
  • The Port Group distributed 50 boxes of food and hygiene supplies to East End residents.
  • We distributed 85 cases of water and 40 cases of coconut water.