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Daily Update: Tuesday, October 29th, 2019

  • We serviced 4 ministries and 2 other orders.
  • The churches serviced were Christ the King, Grace Bible, Miracle Revival and Royal House of H.I.M.
  • We serviced 256 families, 733 people and 67 babies.
  • Areas serviced with food were Freeport and Hawksbill
  • In addition to food and hygiene supplies, the Rastafarian group Royal House of H.I.M. received 2 generators and school supplies. This group is servicing 20 families with 50 people who were displaced from West End to East End.
  • 1 car port and a small tent was distributed to the Back of Town.
  • The Coral Vita group delivered 4 large generators and 1 saw to High Rock.
  • We distributed 80 cases of water.