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Daily Update: Tuesday, October 8th, 2019

  • We fulfilled 3 orders from 3 churches, Ebenezer Baptist, The King is Coming and Latter Day
  • We shipped out goods for 52 families, 164 people and 18 babies
  • Areas serviced were Freeport and Sweeting’s Cay
  • In addition to food and hygiene supplies, Sweeting’s Cay picked up 3 tarps and 2 tents, and Latter Day picked up 4 tarps
  • A church group from Puerto Rico visited the warehouse late in the day to do a live feed for their ministry about the container they donated. Unfortunately the container they sent has not cleared customs yet and they are leaving the island tomorrow. They did the PR feed anyway and got a tour of the operation and spent some time with the volunteers
  • We distributed roughly 25 cases of water