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Daily Update: Wednesday, October 30th, 2019

  • A team led by Pastor Eddy packed and distributed 201 boxes of food and hygiene items to Hudson Estates.
  • A box of snacks was distributed to the nurses at the Rand Memorial
  • GBDRF volunteers set up a used clothing table in Hudson Estates for residents in need of such items.
  • Sunrise Medical picked up a pallet of diapers.
  • Rand Memorial picked up 4 pallets of medical supplies.
  • Rupert Hayward delivered 20 cases of water, toilet tissue, paper towels, diapers and 3 air mattresses to Hudson Estates.
  • Bishop Macintosh picked up 1 pallet of water, a pallet of rice, ½ pallet of hygiene items and ½ pallet of pet food.