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Grand Bahama Children’s Home Needs Your Help

The Grand Bahama Children’s Home was ravaged by Hurricane Dorian. 32 children (12 girls and 20 boys, ranging in age from 3 months to 14 years) had to be bundled up and evacuated to a shelter late at night, in the middle of the storm, as flood waters rose around them at an alarming rate. Thankfully everyone made it to safety.

The Home did not fare well in the storm, and the children are unable to move back in. Although structurally sound, the buildings will have to be gutted. The contents are a complete loss. We lost everything, from the stoves, fridges, freezers, beds, and cribs, to clothing, shoes, toys, and toiletries. There is literally nothing left. Before Dorian, financial support of the Home took constant fundraising and community assistance. Post Dorian, we have not only those basic challenges, but now the children don’t even have a place to call home, until all of those fundamental items can be replaced. Added to this challenge is the fact that the loving, caring staff are suffering as well; many lost their own homes in this devastating hurricane.

We will restore The Grand Bahama Children’s Home as quickly as possible, so that the kids can come back home. But we need help. Lots of help. We are reaching out to the kind, good and generous spirit we find every day in our community, and from communities around the world, to come to our rescue through donations of all kinds.

We have created this emergency fund to assist with the reassembling of The Grand Bahama Children’s Home. We make this urgent plea for donations – please help us get our children back in their beds! — Sarah Kirkby