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Grand Bahama Disaster Relief Foundation Receives Footwear and Apparel Donation from FILA North America

In an effort to help those affected by Hurricane Dorian, the Grand Bahama Disaster Relief Foundation (GBDRF), established with the Grand Bahama Port Authority to support recovery efforts, is proud to work with FILA North America to provide goods to the Bahamas.

The brand donated truckloads of apparel and footwear, ranging from sneakers to t-shirts, shorts, underwear, socks, and additional clothing items. FILA North America partner MODE Transportation donated the over the road freight costs to help deliver the items to the Grand Bahama Disaster Relief Foundation.

“We are supremely grateful to FILA North America for their generous donation,” said logistics Manager Noel Clarke. “The residents of Grand Bahama have experienced so much loss over the past month, but this donation goes a long way in the process to bring relief and assistance to residents impacted by the storm.”

“We are happy to take part in helping the cause, by donating goods to those affected by this disaster,” said Nicole Petrucci, Vice President of Warehouse Operations at FILA North America. “We hope the access to these daily essentials will make a difference and assist the recovery in the Bahamas.”

In the wake of Hurricane Dorian’s wrath, the Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) established the Grand Bahama Disaster Relief Foundation (GBDRF), a transparent fundraising mechanism designed to specifically receive and distribute donations to the relief effort in the nation’s second city, now and into the future. In the last month, the GBDRF has provided first responder services and headed search and rescue missions into East Grand Bahama and continues to facilitate donations from its partners around the globe.