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How to Register as a Bahamas Charity

The Department of Inland Revenue advises the public of the list of approved charities and non-profit organizations for VAT purposes which are eligible to receive VAT refunds on expenses with respect to hurricane relief efforts.

It has already been announced, where disaster relief operations are carried out by charitable and non-profit organizations, provisions exist under the VAT Act for exemptions and refund of VAT on expenses. When submitting requests for refunds, approved registrants should complete Forms 14a Application for Refunds and Form 15 Schedule of Purchases.

Charities and non-profit organizations must register online and obtain a TIN from the VAT Department. They must ensure that the Business Name and TIN is quoted on all local expense receipts.

Charitable and non-profit organizations not named on the list can submit an application online for approval as a charitable organization for VAT purposes using Form 46 Application For Approval of Charities.

Links: Form 46 Application For Approval of Charities.