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Missing Persons Hotline


Social Services has a dedicated hotline for reporting missing people from Hurricane Dorian.

Once a person is reported missing to the hotline, Social Services will check this information against lists of evacuees, ship manifests, people who are at shelters, or the processing centre at Odyssey Aviation.

Once a missing person is identified, Social Services will call back the person who made the report to let the individual know the location of the missing person.

The hotline can be accessed at:
• 322 6317 or 322 6318 or 323 1877 (during 9am-5pm Monday to Saturday)
• 323 1398 or 823 5413 (outside of business hours)

Social Services will also continue to direct information about people needing rescue to the supporting teams.

Also a link to a private initiative is available on too menu of this website under news.