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Update: Disaster Relief Efforts this Week

As Grand Bahama entered its third week since Hurricane Dorian, we continued to face huge humanitarian challenges. Many thousands of people are still without bare essentials, but thanks to the constant stream of relief provided by you, our generous supporters, the GB Disaster Relief Team was able to mitigate such hardship wherever possible. Grand Bahama’s communities, from West End, through Freeport, and on to Maclean’s Town, and everywhere in between, have been touched by your kindness. The relief items you have provided are absolutely critical to sustaining the well being of the people here, and the hope that comes from the knowledge that the world is watching and sending help is invaluable.

We concentrated last week on streamlining the way we import the multitude of trailers with disaster relief to our warehouse in Freeport. Thanks to the vital help from NGOs such as IsraAid and Churches and their leaders (names are posted on our social media pages), we reached the pockets of Grand Bahama that needed it most. As we head into the fourth week, with some power restored, and water for washing now running, and smiles beginning to resurface, we want to share with you what we did this week, Sept 16th to 20th. To keep up with our daily work, please visit us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter:

•700 families were directly helped, numbering more than 3,000 people.
•66,000 bottles of water were distributed, along with 26 tarps.
•We serviced 20 Communities and assisted 44 Churches.
•2 large loads of critical supplies were distributed to the remote community of High Rock.
•Supplies for 100s of infants were distributed.
•We had 27 churches and 8 community groups become regulars for relief pick ups at our warehouse.

From all the Team at GBDRF: thank you for helping us help Grand Bahama.