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Power, Water, Banks, Phone and Other Updates

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Hospital in Freeport (RAND): Water Availability for Patients and Staff (Drinking) – Sunday, September 8, 2019

I refer to the whats up video being circulated concerning problem with availability of drinking water for patients and staff. Up to this point we have experience no difficulty with providing water to patients and staff.

In fact, prior to leaving last evening, areas and persons were provided with a case each of water as several donations were made for the day.

We think that this may have been started by a number of persons under the tent outside Emergercy Room. Today this Outpatients care point which is usually manned by nurses and doctors was not staffed for services today. These persons were provided water once a request was made.

We are aware of no other gaps and will maintain vigilence on this point in the future. — Sharon Williams, Hospital Administrator, GBHS

Banks – Sunday, September 8, 2019

  • Fidelity – open tomorrow (reduced hours) and ATMs open during those hours and as much as generator power permits
  • Scotiabank – ATMs operational but branch targeted to open 16 September
  • Commonwealth – Lucaya branch open tomorrow (reduced banking hours). ATMs running but on generator. Downtown branch to open by 16 September if not sooner.
  • FCIB – open tomorrow (reduced banking hours)
  • RBC – sending corporate real estate team to assess on Tuesday. No operations planned immediately.

Power Restoration – Sunday, September 8, 2019

GBPC crews are working safely and making good progress on preparing to energize our first wave of customers in the coming days. At this time, we remind customers that it is imperative you maintain safety within your homes and businesses:

You should ensure that your stove, oven and other appliances have not been inadvertently turned on during the outage. You may not be home when we energize so please ensure that your home is safe to receive power if your area is listed. If you are using a generator, ensure your main breaker is OFF. If it’s not OFF at the time your home is re-energized, your family and home could be in serious danger.

As we move toward re-energizing our customers we remind you not to wire your generator directly to your breaker or fuse box. The power you generate may flow back into power lines and cause severe injuries to our crew working to restore power.

A list of areas to be energized will be shared with customers later today. If you are in these areas, we ask that you please disconnect all appliances in preparation for your home to be energised.

Water Supply Compromised

(September 5th, 2019) Due to severe flooding the water wells on Grand Bahama have been extremely compromised. We aim to ensure that the quality of the water is potable. Therefore, we request your patience as we complete the process of stabilization and testing.

In the interim, by end of day on Friday, September 6th, we will supply water from W1′ to the public. This water is for Sanitary Purposes Only’ and is Not for Consumption.

At this time, we also wish to encourage you to conserve your water to last for a minimum of another 5 days. We will continue to provide daily updates regarding the status of water restoration.

We are encouraged by the strength and resilience of all residents of Grand Bahama. Be assured of our efforts to provide the best service possible.

Trash Service Resumes

(September 5th, 2019) Residential garbage collection will resume Thursday, September 5, 2019, as normal, starting at daylight.


(September 4th, 2019, Press Release) This morning Grand Bahamians woke up to an island ravaged by Hurricane Dorian. While the landscape we know and the neighbourhoods we occupy may look different, one thing that we know remains unchanged is Grand Bahamian’s resilience. This was demonstrated throughout the storm and continues to be evident even more in the aftermath.

While the ALL CLEAR has been issued by NEMA, we want to take this opportunity to remind customers that rescue efforts are still being carried out throughout the island and ask they traverse the roadways with caution and care.

The GBPC team is working along with GBPA, the Bahamas Government and our Emera affiliates in restoration efforts to restore power to the island as safely and quickly as possible. Our initial assessment shows that our distribution system held up exceptionally well to Hurricane Dorian in the Freeport area and in the West. Much work is required at our generating plant and some substations where floodwaters rose to unprecedented levels. Over the coming days we anticipate the arrival of TECO line crews, engineering and support staff who will assist in restoration efforts.

We remind customers to stay away from all downed poles and powerlines and report them to our 24-hour hotline at 352-8411 or toll-free from cell phones at 242-300-4826.