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Weekly Update: September 23rd – 27th

  • We fulfilled 60 orders for 31 churches; Freeport Seventh Day Adventist, Eight Mile Rock, Unity in Christ, Outreach Temple, Church of God Prophecy, Faith Temple, New Believers, Living Water Assembly of God, and 7 other groups.
  • Total families serviced was 1,847; with 5231 people including 157 infants.
  • Communities serviced were; Freetown, Hawskbill, Freeport, High Rock, Eight Mile Rock, Hepburn Town, Pinder’s Point, Sea Grape, Williamstown, Caravel Beach, Columbus Park, Hudson Estates, and Pioneers Loop.
  • IsraAID and ITDRC installed a Viasat on Sweeting’s Car so the 24 people who are there now have internet, as does the GBDRF Warehouse.
  • IsraAID also delivered clothes, rice, ready meals, cook stoves, and 25 hygiene kits, as part of their work with the Ministry of Education. They were given 5 cases of water for their 3 day training with 65 teachers.
  • We distributed 750 cases of water.
  • Ina LeBlanc delivered goods to 5 families in East End.
  • ALIV distributed items to Freetown and Hawksbill.
  • 2 grills and 5 recovery kits were distributed for the High Rock community.
  • The Rand Memorial Hospital picked up 3 pallets of medical supplies.
  • Home Away Elderly was serviced with food and water.
  • Scientology volunteers from the U.S. did volunteer outreach and distribution in East End.
  • We gave out 28 tarps to Church Prophecy, Faith Temple, Town and Country, and Community at Heart.