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Weekly Update: September 30th – October 4th

  • We fulfilled 39 orders today for 31 churches and 5 community groups.
  • Total families serviced were 1,399, with 4,380 people, 264 children and 190 babies.
  • Churches serviced were Central Church of God, Faith Church of Nazarene, Mt Olive Baptist, Church of Christ Apostolic, Mt. Calvary Baptist, Royal Ambassador, Candlestick, Hawksbill Church of God, St. Peter’s Baptist, Miracle Revival, Voice of Deliverance, Cross Reach Ministries, Faith Temple, Word of Life, Freeport Seventh Day Adventist, Eternal Light, House of Hope, Church of God Prophecy, Central Zion, Sister Mary Magdalene, Eagles Nest, Greater Faith from Within, First Apostolic, King’s Addition, Shekinah Christian, Solid Rock Church, First Holiness, The Just Shall Live, New Mt. Olive, Emmanuel Baptist, Living Water, Final Hour Apostolic, New Emmanuel Baptist, and Good Shepherd.
  • Communities distributed to; West End, Freeport, Holmes Rock, Seagrape, Queen’s Cove, Hawksbill, Heritage, Back of Town, Regency, North Bahamia, Arden Forest, Hudson Estates, Eight Mile Rock, East End, Sweeting’s Cay, Pineridge, Hunters, Pioneers Loop, High Rock, Mcleans Town, Pinder’s Point, just over the bridge, and many others.
  • We gave out 75 air beds, 626 cases of regular water, 310 cases of coconut water, 15 tarps, diapers, infant supplies, and food for 60 families, hygiene items.
  • The Grand Lucayan was given items for 125 of their employees who needed assistance.
  • The GBPA Group delivered a pallet of hygiene wipes to an elderly group, along with a delivery to Heritage Park that included a pallet of regular water, a pallet of coconut water, and various food items.
  • Coral Vita volunteers delivered 2 generators to East End, and picked up 2 more generators, and food and hygiene supplies for 10 families delivered to Sweetings Cay..
  • Additional generators have been distributed this week as follows; 4 generators were delivered to Hawksbill, and 2 generators were installed in Eight Mile Rock.
  • Coral Vita volunteers delivered 2 generators, food and water to 10 families with 35 elderly people, 12 children and 8 babies in Hudson Estates.
  • Walter Parker School picked up goods for 55 families.